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Custom devices
custom Ø 100mm wafer
Growth of semiconductor optoelectronic and electronic devices  
  We grow for you high quality epitaxial thin film stacks using the materials AlAs, GaAs, InAs, AlGaAs, AlInAs and InGaAs for different applications on GaAs wafers.  
Low temperature grown GaAs devices  
  For some applications fast time response devices are needed e.g. for optical detectors, saturable absorbers or photoconductiver antennas. We grow such devices at low temperatures with short response times of pico- and femto-seconds. The prices below are for one or two single layers grown on GaAs substrate.  
  GaAs wafer diameter: 2" and 4"  
  Maximum film stack thickness: 5 µm  
  Proof of the film stack: spectral reflectance, relaxation time of optical excited carriers  
Prices for LT-GaAs wafers  
  - 2" (50.8 mm) LT-GaAs wafer EUR 2 000.- lead time: 1 week (from stock)  
  - 4" (100 mm) LT-GaAs wafer EUR 3 500.- lead time: 1 week (from stock)  
  - 4" (100 mm) LT-InGaAs wafer EUR 4 000.- lead time: 1 week (from stock)  
  - 4" (100 mm) LT-GaAs wafer
  with customized metal structures
EUR 7 000.- lead time: 5 weeks