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Microchip 1064 nm  

The Microchip (MC) consists of a saturable absorber mirror bonded with a Nd:YVO4 laser crystal. The MC can be used to generate pulsed laser radiation at 1064 nm wavelength if pumped with a diode laser at 808 nm using passively Q-switching. More about microchip ...

3 microchips  
Picosecond fiber laser evaluation kit PSFL1030  

The evaluation kit PSFL1030 allows the realization of different picosecond fiber laser configurations using a saturable absorber mirror (SAM) as nonlinear optical device for passively mode-locking and standard fibers in the laser cavity. The active fiber is Yb doped. The fiber laser design can be changed easily to study the influence of certain elements on the laser output signal.
The discussion of experimental results supports the understanding of important phenomena in a passive mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser. The user gets the needed knowledge to construct its own ps laser setup. More about PSFL1030 ...

PSFL1030 evaluation kit