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Saturable absorber
-> see poster "Saturable absorber" (pdf) and "Mounting types" (pdf)
SAM™ - Saturable Absorber Mirror  
  Saturable absorber mirrors are Bragg-mirrors with AlAs/GaAs quarter-wave stacks, grown on GaAs wafers with one or more low temperature GaAs (LT-GaAs) or InGaAs films as saturable absorbers.
With our patented semi-resonant design we meet the requirements of different passively mode-locked laser applications in the picosecond and femtosecond region. The saturable absorptance of the fast response films of LT-GaAs can be adjusted with our design in a wide region.
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We are open for new ideas of our customers to extend our current portfolio of saturable absorber mirrors with respect to certain parameters like wavelength, low intensity absorption or relaxation time.
SOC - Saturable Output Coupler  
  Using a saturable output coupler (SOC), a self-starting, passively mode-locked diode-pumped solid-state laser with a very simple layout can be arranged. A SOC is a combination of the saturable absorber mirror (SAM) with an output coupler.
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RSAM™ - Resonant Saturable Absorber Mirror  
  The resonant saturable absorber mirror (RSAM) is designated to reshape an optical signal. An optical signal which propagates in optical fibers, communication nodes and other optical devices used in telecommunications, is subject to optical losses and is modified. After every amplification stage, which uses the stimulated optical emission process, the signal to noise ratio decreases as a result of the inevitable spontaneous emission. A RSAM, included after an optical amplifier, decreases the noise floor and allows to pass the optical pulses unaffected due to the nonlinear-optical behavior.
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SANOS™ - Saturable Noise Suppressor  
  The SANOS is a device for improving the signal to noise ratio of an optical pulsed signal using a RSAM as a nonlinear optical element. But whereas the RSAM is a reflecting device, the SANOS is a transmitting device. This is the main advantage of the SANOS in comparison with the RSAM.
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SA - Saturable Absorber in transmission  
  The saturable absorber without a Bragg-mirror can be used for self-starting, passively mode-locking of a laser in a similar way as a SAM, but it is working in transmission mode. It can be inserted for instance into a fiber ring laser.
Consulting services  
  Our partner RP Photonics Consulting GmbH offers detailed technical advice for the use of SAMs, e.g. for mode locking of lasers.