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SANOS - Saturable Noise Suppressor

SANOS construction
  • The central element of the SANOS is a resonant saturable absorber mirror (RSAM) with zero reflectance for a low power signal at the resonance wavelength.
  • The RSAM is a nonlinear optical device, having a low reflectance for week optical signals like noise and a high reflectance for high power signals like optical pulses.
  • Free space SANOS: Combination of RSAM with a 100 % mirror to use the RSAM nonlinearity and ensure an output in the same direction as the input. Please see: FS-SANOS.
  • Fiber coupled SANOS: The RSAM is mounted on the second port of a three port circulator. Please see: FC-SANOS .

SANOS applications

  • Optical noise suppression, for example after an amplifier or pulse picker.
  • Note: Noise suppression is only possible at the resonance wavelength.
Schematic RSAM

RSAM as the main element of SANOS


  • Because the main element of SANOS is a RSAM the SANOS parameters are determined by the used RSAM.
  • Find more about RSAM here.